Installation & Maintenance

The installation department in MCC Company is the largest in terms of size, possibilities and appropriations of its own, due to the size of the work entrusted to it and the projects that it carries out. From this point, the company always endeavors to develop this department and focus in increase its efficiency
MCC Company always provides technicians with the latest tools and the instruments that used in the areas of installation and maintenance, which ensures the delivery of both the effort and time at the same time. We care about the works quality of our customers and prolong the life span of the executed works
Network maintenance not only means repair of damaged components, but is also a good opportunity to raise network efficiency. Hence our role in alerting the client to the problems in his networks and predicting what will happen in the future. Then implement what is necessary to avoid these problems after access to solutions to resolve the problem or the issue and improve the network efficiency and develop it