Our Mission

MCC Company seeks to be present effectively in the Egyptian society and help to develop it informally. Based on the company’s belief in this duty, the company relies on two types of orientations:-
 Participate in development of foundations and community\national bodies in what the company can carry out and implement about information networks infrastructure projects and works including all the facilities, specialized, complementary and related works. Where the company always tries to provide its services to those governmental parties with supported fees which ensures the quality of business and the continuation of the company in the same approach.
Even in the private and investment sectors, the company implements the information networks projects for these corporations and also provides integrated maintenance services. Which always guarantee a good level of internal communication between their employees and external with their customers.
 Develop the technical and productive capabilities of the company’s employees at all levels, from the professional technicians who execute the work themselves to the highest level of managers by keeping up with the latest advanced technologies used in the field of information networks.
The company is always keen to share a fruitful presence in all the events and conferences that are interested in our areas of work and also allocates part of its revenues to support the employees with the latest courses related to the fields of management and implementation the information networks projects. That always make MCC team works aligned and associated with the world standards and its updates.