Project Management Services

The project management department at MCC Company is a strategic sector. While it adapts the tempo of implementation works and control it through some tools and applications starting from the day (0) of the project till reaching the final hand-over phase of the projects. The project management services must be accompanied by documents all the time for dating all the phases and its sequence.
There are a lot of technical items that the project manger
Perform for delivery the project in its required time frame with the optimum available performance such as:
Define and clarify project scope.
Develop the project plan.
Develop the project schedule.
Defining project baselines.
Tracking project progress.
Project status reporting.
Determining and taking corrective actions.
Making technical documentations for projects.
Support different customers and troubleshoot problems in their networks.
Working as a Technical Project Manager in many projects.
Develop policies and procedures to support the achievement of the project objectives.